Email Connector Examples 1.4 - Mule 4

To fully benefit from using Anypoint Connector for Email (Email Connector), see the following examples to configure the connector.

  • Send Emails and Attachments
    Configure the Send operation to send emails and attachments over SMTP or SMPTS servers.

  • List Emails
    Configure Email Connector and IMAP or POP3 protocols to list emails.

  • Connect to Gmail
    Configure Email Connector and IMAP, POP3, and SMTP protocols to connect to your Gmail account.

  • Trigger a Flow When Receiving a New Email
    Configure the On New Email - IMAP or On New Email - POP3 sources to retrieve all the emails in an IMAP or POP3 mailbox, and generate a new message for each unread email found. Additionally, configure the Delete After Retrieve, Enable Watermark, IMAP Matcher or POP3 Matcher, Attachment Naming Strategy, and Enable Remote Search parameters for these sources.