Veeva Vault Connector 1.2 - Mule 4

Anypoint Connector for Veeva Vault (Veeva Vault Connector) enables you to connect Mule flows to the Veeva Vault platform using the Veeva Vault REST API.

For information about compatibility and fixed issues, see Veeva Vault Connector Release Notes.

This connector works with the Veeva Vault REST, Bulk, and Streaming API, depending on the operations you configure. Each API call uses a JSON or CSV request and returns JSON input stream responses over an HTTPS connection. All required request headers, error handling, and HTTPS connection configurations are built into the connector.

You can use Veeva Vault Connector in Mule applications as an outbound connector with CRUD (create, retrieve, update, delete), query, export, and Spark validator operations on the following Veeva Vault objects:

  • Documents
    Create, retrieve, update, delete, export

  • Document Renditions
    Create, retrieve, delete

  • Vault Object
    Create, retrieve, update, delete

  • Picklists: Retrieve

  • Audit Trail: Retrieve

  • Query
    VQL query to query on documents, Vault objects, workflows

  • Spark validator
    Validates and verifies the Spark message with signature that is triggered from Veeva Vault

  • Invoke Rest API
    Operation to invoke Veeva Vault Rest APIs, where a specific connector operation doesn’t already exist. To maintain API rate limits use bulk Rest APIs rather than single APIs whenever possible.

You can configure Veeva Vault Connector using basic authentication with credentials to connect to a Veeva Vault instance and perform operations.

Before You Begin

To use this connector, you must be familiar with:

Before creating an app, you must:

  • Have an AnyPoint Platform account

  • Have a Veeva Vault account to access the Veeva Vault target resources

  • Understand how to create a Mule app using Design Center or Anypoint Studio


Using Exchange Templates and Examples

Anypoint Exchange provides templates you can use as a starting point for your app, as well as examples that illustrate a complete solution.

The following templates are available for Veeva Vault Connector:

Next Step

After you complete the prerequisites and experiment with the templates and examples, you are ready to create an app with Design Center or Anypoint Studio.

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