Web Service Consumer Connector- Mule 4

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Web Service Consumer Connector Version 1.5

Anypoint Connector for Web Service Consumer (Web Service Consumer Connector) consumes a SOAP Web service to acquire data from an external source. In many cases, you can use an existing MuleSoft connector, such as Workday or ServiceNow, to connect to a service provider. When no connector is available for a specific Web service, the easiest way to consume the service from a Mule app is to use the Web Service Consumer Connector.

The main features of this connector include:

  • Consuming DOC Literal Web services.

  • SOAP multipart messages.

  • SOAP Headers.

  • DataSense support for SOAP Headers, SOAP Body, and Attachment.

  • Embedded DataWeave transformations inside the operation.

  • Support and Unified experience for SOAP with attachments and MTOM handling.

  • Custom HTTP configuration as transport (runtime and design time).

  • Web Service Security (WS Security) support.

RPC WSDLs are not supported by the Web Service Consumer.

POM File Information


Replace x.x.x with the version that corresponds to the connector you are using. To specify a version, view Anypoint Exchange and click Dependency Snippets.