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Web Service Consumer Connector- Mule 4

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Web Service Consumer Connector Version 1.5

Anypoint Connector for Web Service Consumer (Web Service Consumer Connector) consumes a SOAP Web service to acquire data from an external source. In many cases, you can use an existing MuleSoft connector, such as Workday or ServiceNow, to connect to a service provider. When no connector is available for a specific Web service, the easiest way to consume the service from a Mule app is to use the Web Service Consumer Connector.

The main features of this connector include:

  • Consuming DOC Literal Web services.

  • SOAP multipart messages.

  • SOAP Headers.

  • DataSense support for SOAP Headers, SOAP Body, and Attachment.

  • Embedded DataWeave transformations inside the operation.

  • Support and Unified experience for SOAP with attachments and MTOM handling.

  • Custom HTTP configuration as transport (runtime and design time).

  • Web Service Security (WS Security) support.

RPC WSDLs are not supported by the Web Service Consumer.

POM File Information


Mule converts RELEASE to the latest version. To specify a version, view Anypoint Exchange and click Dependency Snippets.