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Getting Started with API Experience Hub

Ensure you have the required accounts, access, and setup, then start using API Experience Hub.

Before You Begin

Verify that you have the following required accounts and access:

  • Anypoint Platform organization in production

  • Salesforce organization

  • Organization Administrator of the main organization

  • You must either have the System Administrator profile or be a Salesforce user with the AEH_Anypoint permission set assigned in the Salesforce organization that you are connecting to during the linking process. For more information, see Assigning Permissions.

    The process of creating your API portal includes connecting with Salesforce Experience Cloud to link your Anypoint Platform organization to your Salesforce organization.

  • API Experience Hub license

  • Minimum of 2000 External Identity licenses

    The current package has a minimum of 100 API access requests which requires a minimum of 2000 External Identity licenses.

To set up an organization, you can have the following Salesforce editions:

  • Unlimited Edition

  • Enterprise Edition

  • Performance Editions of Salesforce

If you don’t have the required accounts and access, issues might occur during the Salesforce linking process when creating your API portal.

Start Using API Experience Hub

The following users can get started with these tasks:


Administrators can create an API portal in these easy steps:

  1. Assign permissions

    Set up the necessary permissions for administrators to connect to Salesforce and create a portal.

  2. Connect to Salesforce

    The instance can be a new or existing Salesforce organization. To connect, specify the environment type and enter the custom Salesforce domain if you have one, log in, allow the permissions, and confirm the account.

  3. Style your portal

    Once you are connected to Salesforce, you can style the portal’s out-of-the-box pages with logos, fonts, color schemes, and more.

  4. Manage your portal

    Manage APIs by adding APIs from Exchange and setting the visibility for the API versions. Manage users by approving access requests from guest users.

  5. Preview and publish your portal

    Publish the portal to make it available to your community.


Developers can discover and consume APIs using these tasks: