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Tableau Setup Guide for Productive Maintenance


  1. Users should have an Amazon Redshift connection.

  2. Download and install Tableau Desktop.

  3. Users should have access to Tableau Online.

Steps to Download and Install Tableau Desktop

  1. Download and install Tableau Desktop Downloads

  2. Open Tableau desktop app from your mac or windows.

  3. Click on the Help button and select Manage Product Key.

  4. Click on Activate.

  5. Enter the server details and connect.

  6. Enter the username and password.

  7. Authenticate the details and verify Tableau activated successfully.

Steps to Import workbook into Tableau Desktop

  1. Click on File tab, select Import Workbook and browse mfg-tableau-workorders-exp-api/src/main/resources/workbook/FactoryEquipmentDashboard.twbx file and click on the Open button.

  2. Edit Amazon Redshift connection details.


Steps to create work order

  1. In the Submit a Work Order dialogue box, the user can manage the Priority, Machine Id and provide a Reason to submit a work order.
    + mfg-submit-work-order.png

  2. Click on Create Work Order which will create a case in Service Cloud.

Steps to Publish Workbook into Tableau Online.

  1. Click on Server and select Publish Workbook.

  2. Click on Connect, enter email address and password to sign in.


  3. In the Publish Workbook to Tableau Online window, complete the Name and Description fields.

  4. Click on the Publish button.

Steps to create an alert in Tableau Online

  1. Login into Tableau Online

  2. Click on Watch and select Alerts


  3. Click on the Create button on the right side which opens the 'Create Alert' dialogue box.

  4. Users can select the condition and threshold and users can provide the subject details and select the alert condition (for example, daily).

  5. Users can provide the recipient details in the Recipients field and click on Create Alert.

  6. An alert will be sent to the recipient.