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Viewing Conformance Status in Exchange

In Exchange, you can:

  • View conformance status for APIs

  • See which governed APIs pass a ruleset

View Conformance Status for an API

You can view governance conformance status in Exchange for versions of API definitions. The status is one of the following:

  • Conformant: The API definition is conformant to governance rulesets against which it has been validated.

  • Not Conformant: The API definition is not conformant to governance rulesets against which it has been validated.

  • Not Validated: The API definition is not validated against governance rulesets.

Conformance status can be viewed in Exchange as follows:

  • A conformance badge is displayed for a selected version of an API.

  • In the Manage Versions page, a Conformance column shows conformance status for each version of the API.

  • A Conformance Status page appears for all REST APIs and AsyncAPIs. If a selected version of an API has been validated against governance rulesets, the conformance status page gives conformance information and gives options to fix nonconformant versions. The Conformance Status page also shows the filter criteria that resulted in the API being validated against the listed rulesets.

To view conformance status:

  1. Select an API asset that is of a type supported by API Governance.

  2. Review the conformance badge.

  3. To view conformance by version, click Manage Versions.

    Review the Conformance column, which shows the governance conformance status for each version.

  4. To view conformance details, select Conformance Status in the navigation bar. From the conformance status page, you can:

    • Select the version of the API that you want to view.

    • For validated APIs, view the lists of centralized governance rulesets and additional rulesets against which the APIs have been validated.

      • If there are more rulesets than are shown on the initial page, click the Show All link to show the full list.

      • Click the external link icon beside a ruleset to view that ruleset’s page in Exchange.

    • For nonconformant APIs, click one of the following:

      • Fix in Design Center

        After your API definition opens in Design Center, add the listed rulesets as dependencies and view the conformance messages in the Project Errors section to fix and republish your API definition.

      • See instructions for Anypoint CLI

        Follow the instructions on the page to copy, update, and run the Anypoint CLI commands to add the listed rulesets as dependencies and fix and republish your API definition.

View Governed APIs for a Ruleset

In a ruleset’s Governed APIs page, you can view the list of centrally-governed APIs to which the ruleset applies.

Developers can use the Governed APIs list as follows to help improve the quality of the rulesets and APIs that they develop:

  • When their APIs fail a ruleset, they can see which other APIs successfully conform to the ruleset so that they can fix their APIs.

  • When they search for available rulesets to use for their API, they can see which APIs are conformant to a specific ruleset to evaluate how helpful the ruleset is.

API consumers can use the Governed APIs list when they need to create an API service or application that is conformant to a certain set of standards or rules. They can:

  • Ensure there is a ruleset in Exchange that has the rules they need.

  • See which APIs pass the rules for a ruleset so that they can ensure their application is consuming only the conformant APIs.

Depending on the access you have to the APIs in Exchange, you might see only the APIs that are conformant to the ruleset. This ensures that vulnerabilities are not exposed to consumers who do not have proper access to the APIs. Organization administrators and contributors can see the conformant and non-conformant APIs for their organization.

To view the governed API list for a ruleset:

  1. Select a ruleset asset that is used in an API Governance profile.

  2. Select Governed APIs in the navigation bar to see whether each listed API version passes all the rules in the ruleset.

  3. Select from the filter menus to refine the list of APIs. Default settings are:

    • All APIs

    • Your root organization

    • Any Ruleset Status

  4. To view an API’s Conformance Status details, click the open external link icon (open external link icon).

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