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Preinstallation Verification

Before installing or upgrading, your infrastructure team must review all prerequisite information in the following list and verify that your environment meets the stated requirements. If needed, contact your MuleSoft representative for assistance.

Verify Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition Nodes

Before you install Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition (Anypoint Platform PCE) on all nodes, run the gravity check script to verify that each node meets the minimum requirements for Anypoint Platform PCE, including CPU, RAM, and volume storage.

  1. Copy the following information from the node where you will run the installer to each node of your cluster:

    • The gravity binary.

    • The app.yaml manifest used by the gravity binary.

      These files are located in the folder of the installer.

  2. Run the following command from each node of your cluster:

    sudo ./gravity check --profile=app_node app.yaml

    Valid values for --profile are:

    • app_node

    • data_node

    • general_node (for 3 node installations)

If the command returns no output, your environment is set up correctly. If any node fails to satisfy the minimum requirements, the command returns a list of failed checks and exits with a non-0 return code.