Credit Card Formats

Tokenization replaces original card data with tokenized data according to the way you configure the credit card data domain when you create a tokenization format.

Customize Credit Card Formats

You can use the built-in credit card formats, or customize them.

  1. Select Use custom credit card formats, and click Add Format.
    You can also click Edit next to an existing credit card format to change the format.

  2. In the Add Credit Card Format dialog, enter the information for the customized fields, then click Done.

Field Description


Name of the card customization.

Start Prefix

Digits the card prefix starts with, for example 51.

End Prefix

Digits the card number prefix range ends with, for example, 55.

Using the example values of 51 for the start prefix and 55 for the end prefix means that cards beginning with 51 through 55 are valid.

Luhn Check Digit

Select the Include checkbox if you want to verify the card conforms to the Luhn standard.
All formats must have Check Digit set to Luhn or None. A separate format is required if you need some for luhn and some for none.

Number of Digits

Enter the total number of digits the card number should have.

  1. Click Save.

Customize the Fields

  1. Click Credit Card Formats.

  2. Select Use custom credit card formats.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. In the Edit Credit Card Format dialog, make your changes, then click Done.

  5. Click Save in the Create Format page.

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