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To Import an Asset from Exchange

  1. Click the Exchange icon in the Studio taskbar exchange integration adc09.

  2. Click Log In on the top right corner of your screen and provide your Anypoint Platform credentials.

  3. Search for the asset you want to import and select it.

    • If your asset is a Template or an Example, select the version you want to import and click Open.

    • If your asset is an Anypoint Connector, select the version you want to import and click Install.
      Additionally you can click Dependency Snippets to see the artifact’s information.

Anypoint Studio downloads and imports the asset automatically.

Manually Import an Asset from Exchange

If you are having trouble accessing Exchange from Studio 6, use the following steps to import an asset from Exchange from outside Studio:

  1. Access Anypoint Platform using any of the supported browsers.
    See Browser Support for Anypoint Platform for more information.

  2. Select Discover and Share to access Exchange.

    discover share exchange
  3. Search for the asset that you want to use.

    search exchange
  4. Select Download.

    download exchange asset
  5. Open Studio and navigate to Help > Install New Software.

  6. Click Add…​.

  7. Click Archiveā€¦ and select your downloaded asset.

  8. Enter a name for your asset and select OK.

  9. Use the checkbox to select the asset and click Next.

  10. Review the details of the item you selected and click Next.

  11. Click Accept to terms and conditions of the product and click Finish.

  12. Restart Studio to complete the installation.