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Including the DataMapper Plugin (Deprecated - DataMapper)

DataMapper is deprecated as of Mule runtime 3.7.0 and completely removed in Mule 4.0. To use Dataweave on your Mule flows, use the Transform Message Component.

DataMapper continues to be fully supported in all current and future versions of Mule 3.x, however it will be removed in Mule 4.0 in favor of the Transform Message component (based on DataWeave code). We recommend that if you wish to take advantage of the new capabilities of DataWeave or if you start new projects, upgrade now.

A migration tool is now included in Anypoint Studio, which assists in converting a DataMapper map to DataWeave. From the Anypoint Studio Canvas, right-click a DataMapper building block, select Migrate to DataWeave, and follow the instructions.

dw migrator

If you don’t see DataMapper on your palette, you can enable it by going to Preferences > Anypoint Studio > Palette Profiles and clicking the checkbox Show deprecated Mule Components and Attributes.

To deploy a Mule project that contains a DataMapper transformer:

  • When deploying through Anypoint Studio, it should still work normally.

  • When deploying to CloudHub, it should also work out of the box.

  • However, when using for Mule Standalone 3.7.0 and newer, you must do the following before you can deploy your application:

    1. Go to the customer portal

    2. Select the Downloads tab

    3. Look in your Mule Runtime version and download the DataMapper plugin that corresponds to your Mule version

    4. Place the downloaded .zip file in the /plugins folder of Mule-Enterprise Standalone