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CLI for Design Center Projects

Command Description

Creates a new Design Center project

Deletes a Design Center project

Downloads the content of a Design Center project

Publishes a Design Center project to Exchange

Uploads the content of a project to Design Center

Lists all Design Center projects


> designcenter:project:create [flags] <name>

This Command creates a new Design Center project with the name specified in <name>.

This command does not support Mule application types.

Besides the default --help flag, this command also accepts:

Flag Description Example

--type (required)

The project type.
This field is required.

Supported values are:

  • raml

  • raml-fragment

--type raml


The fragment type. Always use with --type raml-fragment, even for OAS 3.0 and JSON schema fragments.

This field is required if the type flag was set as raml-fragment

Supported fragments type are:

  • trait

  • resource-type

  • library

  • type

  • user-documentation

  • oas-components

  • json-schema

--type raml-fragment --fragmentType user-documentation


Specify the response format.

--output json


> designcenter:project:delete [flags] <name>

This Command deletes the Design Center project specified in name.

This command does not prompt twice before deleting. If you send a delete instruction, it does not ask for confirmation.

This command accepts only the default flag --help.


> designcenter:project:download [flags] <name> <targetDir>

This command downloads the Design Center project passed in name to your local directory specified in targetDir.

Use the --resolveDependenciesTimeout=X flag to specify the duration, in minutes, for the commands to wait for the resolution of dependencies before downloading a project. If the specified time passes, your project downloads without the missing dependencies.

This command also accepts the default flag --help.


> designcenter:project:publish [flags] <projectName>

This Command publishes the Design Center project passed in projectName to Exchange.
Besides the default --help flag, this command also accepts:

Flags that are not specified are extracted from exchange.json
Flag Description Example


The name for the asset

--name sampleProject


The name of the main file name.

--main sample.xml


The API version if your project is an API specification project.

--main sample.raml --apiVersion 1.0


Comma separated list of tags.

--tags test,sample,integration


The asset’s groupId.

designcenter:project:publish --groupId


The asset’s assetId.

designcenter:project:publish --assetId project


The asset’s version.

designcenter:project:publish --version 1.0


> designcenter:project:upload [flags] <name> <projDir>

This Command uploads content from a Design Center project from your local directory passed in projDir into an already existing Design Center project identified with name.

By default, this command ignores all hidden files and directories. To include hidden files and directories, use the --include-dot-files flag. When the --include-dot-files flag is used, the command uploads hidden files and folders from your specified directory.

Besides the --include-dot-files, this command has the default --help flag.


> designcenter:project:list [flags] [searchText]

This Command lists all your Design Center projects.

Besides the default --help flag, this command also accepts:

Flag Description Example


Number of page to retrieve

--pageIndex 3


Number of results to retrieve per page

--pageSize 5


Specify the response format.

--output json