To Create Flows and Exception Strategies

This procedure describes how to build a main flow, backend flows, and exception strategies to create an APIkit project. When you create a RAML in Studio, you have the option of generating backend flows, or not. Exception strategies are generated for a RAML-based API. You need to reference these strategies from the main flow.

  1. Drag the following components for the main flow from the Mule palette:

    • An HTTP (or Jetty) Listener

    • An APIkit Router

      apikit using ea7ad
  2. In the Package Explorer, right-click the project name.

  3. Select Mule > Generate Flows from RAML

    The backend flows appear below the main flow.

    apikit tutorial ce60c
  4. Expand the Error handling section in the main flow.

  5. Drag a Reference Exception Strategy component from the Mule palette to the Error handling section.

  6. On the Configuration.xml tab, add exception strategy mappings to the project right after the last </flow> tag.

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