To Get a SOAP Header

In this procedure, you retrieve a SOAP header from the request. In the SoapUI, the request window shows the soap Envelope header.

apikit for soap 53dc2
  1. In the SoapUI, modify the OrderTshirt request by entering a value for the API key. For example, enter 987654321 between the <apiKey> tags.

  2. In Studio, edit the DataWeave code to get the API key, which is an inbound property, from the header:

    %dw 1.0
    %output application/xml
    %namespace ns0
      ns0#OrderTshirtResponse: {
        orderId: "I got a request from "
        ++ ", using the following auth header "
        ++ inboundProperties['soap.AuthenticationHeader'].ns0#AuthenticationHeader.apiKey
  3. Save and rerun the project.

  4. In SoapUI, send a request, and check that the response changes to the following:

    <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="">
          <ns0:OrderTshirtResponse xmlns:ns0="">
             <orderId>I got a request from John, using the following auth header 987654321</orderId>

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