About APIkit and API Console Limitations

The following limitations apply:

  • APIkit for SOAP works only on Mule EE runtime 3.8.0 or later.

  • APIkit for SOAP does not download protected resources from the web.

    For example, a WSDL file behind a schema model, such as Basic Authentication, is not supported. You need to manually download the WSDL file and all dependencies, such as XSD, and select those files locally.

Security, Protocol, and baseUriParameter Limitations

APIkit 3.8.1 and later supports RAML 1.0. Mule 3.8.0 runtime limitations related to earlier versions of APIkit are covered in the RAML 1.0 early access document.

In API Gateway Runtime 2.x and earlier, APIkit is designed to work very tightly with RAML interfaces, but does not automatically import the following items from the RAML definition:

  • securitySchemes

  • protocols

  • baseUriParameters

The protocol, URI host, and path defined in the RAML file are disregarded in favor of the ones that you define in the APIkit project’s HTTP Connector.

API Console Limitations

APIkit does not support the Client Credentials and Resource Owner Password Credentials grant types in the embedded API Console. To use these grant types, access the APIkit Console from a web browser. APIkit Console does not support scopes.

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