To Define the RAML

The following procedure describes how to define a RAML-based API in Studio. Alternatively, you can use any text editor to create the API definition, and then drag the file into the src/main/api folder of the Studio project. Using Design Center is recommended if you have the Crowd Release.

  1. In the Package Explorer, right-click the project name, then select New > RAML API Definition.

    The New RAML API Definition dialog appears.

  2. Accept the default location src/main/api and enter a name in File Name.

  3. Enter RAML. Optionally, use the following keyboard shortcuts:

    • CTRL +spacebar to auto-complete RAML entries

    • Command+O (CTRL+O in Windows) to open an Outline View of the RAML Editor

  4. Click Finish.

    Studio creates and opens a new file in the src/main/api folder in your project.

  5. Add the RAML.

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