To Map RAML Resources to Actions

After you generate backend flows and reference exception strategies, you map RAML resources to actions as shown in this procedure.

  1. Click the APIkit Router to open the Properties Editor. In Router configuration, click Add-16x16.

    The Global Element Properties wizard appears.

    apikit using 9bea1
  2. Browse to the RAML file you created within Studio.

  3. In Mappings, click Add-16x16 to create a new mapping.

    The New Mapping dialog appears.

  4. Use the drop-down to map the resources to actions.

    • In the Resource drop-down, select /sales.

    • In the Action drop-down, select Post.

    • In the Flow drop-down, select the flow that contains the post action:


      Click OK.

      apikit using ab251
  5. Repeat the previous step for each resource-action pairing in the API.

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