About HTTP Connector Migration

Key changes in the HTTP connector for Mule Runtime 4.0 and later that can affect migration are:

  • The http:listener-config and http:request-config have a new, inner connection element.

  • The HTTP body option replaces the source parameter in the request and is incorporated to the Listener’s response and error response.

  • The HTTP Listener and Request components return attributes, which include all previous properties.

  • HTTP parsing has been removed. DataWeave now handles special mime types. It can be used to both read and write such payloads.

  • The static-resource-handler is renamed load-static-resource.

  • To access source HTTP Listener and HTTP Request attributes, the following DataWeave syntax replaces the Mule Expression Language (MEL) expressions for accessing past properties.


The "HTTP Connector XML Reference" maps Mule 3.x MEL expressions to Mule 4.0 DataWeave expressions.

The following constructs are removed in Mule Runtime 4.0:

  • Request and response builders, http:request-builder and http:response-builder

  • Worker threading profile

The request, response, and error-response replace the builders. Using DataWeave expressions eliminates the need for building parameters.

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