About the HTTP Connector (Studio)

Using the HTTP or HTTPS protocol, the HTTP connector performs one of the following operations:

  • Listener

    Starts executing the Mule flow upon receiving an HTTP request.

  • Request

    Consumes an HTTP service.

  • Basic security filter

    Secures and authenticates requests to your service.

  • Load a static resource

    Brings a resource, such as a script, from the file system into your app to be return by a Listener.

From Mule Palette, drag an HTTP connector Listener operation to a new flow. An error state occurs until you configure the host, port, and path. You can quickly configure an app to consume an HTTP service using the two HTTP connector instances as follows:

  • Listener configuration: Path = /somepath, for example

  • Request configuration: Path Or URL = the URL of the HTTP service you want to consume

You run the app and enter the URL ending in /somepath in the browser. The listener detects the request, and the flow executes.

You can configure the HTTP connector to send or receive HTTPS requests using Transport Level Security (TLS).