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Viewing Usage Graphs

You can view a chart indicating how much data and how many API requests have been consumed, and how many message units were received.

API requests

API requests are used to calculate your monthly quota for billing.

  • Every API call (via the connector or API) to Anypoint MQ counts as one API request.

    All requests to the broker API count against your monthly quota. Requests include sending, receiving, and acknowledging messages and operations on queues and exchanges.

  • You can retrieve up to 10 messages from a single API call, which only bills as one request.

    Even if the request to retrieve messages does not return a message (for example, if the queue is empty), it bills as a single API request.

  • If a queue sends a message to a DLQ, the message is not charged against the billable API requests.

    However, if a client sends a message directly to a DLQ, that request is charged.

Message units

Message units are not used for billing.

Message units are used by Anypoint MQ to determine the size of message data in the response.

  • Each message unit contains 100 KB of data.

  • Message units are counted by the number of encoded characters in a message.

Monthly billing usage information is delayed by 24 hours.

If your usage exceeds your license limit, Anypoint MQ continues to work. MuleSoft notifies your account administrator and team with any billing-related information.

Access Anypoint MQ Usage

To view Anypoint MQ usage:

  1. Log in to Anypoint Platform.

  2. Click Access Management in the navigation bar or the main Anypoint Platform page.

  3. Click MQ in the SUBSCRIPTION section:

    MQ option on the Access Management page
  4. Click a chart duration value of 6m (six months, default), 1y (one year), or 2y (two years):

    MQ Usage page, including message units and API requests
    • (1) The duration value

    • (2) The number of message units and API requests per month

    • (3) The percentage and amount of your license that you have used

      The circle graph changes to red as your usage approaches your license limits:

      Circle graph indicating license limit

Retrieve Usage Metrics with Anypoint MQ Stats API

To use the Anypoint MQ Stats API to retrieve usage metrics, see Usage Metrics by Environment.