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Create a Load Balancer with the Anypoint Platform CLI

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You can create a dedicated load balancer (DLB) using the Anypoint Platform CLI.


Before you create a load balancer:

  • Ensure that you are an administrator in the organization where you are creating the DLB.

  • Create an Anypoint Virtual Private Cloud (Anypoint VPC) instance in the organization where you want to create a DLB.

  • Create at least one certificate and private key for your certificate.

Create a Load Balancer

Use this command to create a DLB from the CLI:

cloudhub load-balancer create myVPC myLB_name example-com-crt.pem example-com-private.pem

This command specifies the Anypoint VPC instance in which to create the DLB and the certificate and private keys that the DLB uses.

You cannot change the name of a DLB after you create it. To change the name, delete and re-create it using the new name.

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