Sharing an OAS 3.0 API Specification as a RAML 1.0 Specification

You can share an OAS 3.0 API specification in Anypoint Exchange as a RAML API specification. Other developers can then download the RAML version for use in Anypoint Studio or third-party IDEs or for implementation with API Manager.

  1. Import the OAS 3.0 API specification into API Designer.

  2. Click the three dots next to the filename in the Files pane and select Duplicate.

  3. In the Duplicate As dialog, select RAML.

  4. Set the root file of the project to the RAML version of the API specification.

  5. Publish the project to Anypoint Exchange.

If you want to share an OAS 3.0 specification in OAS 2, download your OAS 3.0 specification from API Designer as-is and then convert it to OAS 2.0 by using a tool such as APIMatic transformer.

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