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Upload an Existing API Specification to Exchange from API Designer

You cannot publish an API specification to Anypoint Exchange without going through API Designer. If you want to publish a specification that you have already authored outside of API Designer, you must create an API-specification project in API Designer, import your specification, and then publish to Anypoint Exchange.

Before you begin

Within Anypoint Platform, your user ID must be assigned the Design Center Developer permission.


  1. In Anypoint Platform, open Design Center.

  2. On the Projects page, click Create and select API Specification.

  3. In the New API Specification dialog, specify a name for the new project, ensure that Start with API Designer is selected, and click Create.

  4. In the project, click the three dots to the right of the heading Files and select Import.

  5. In the Import dialog, select File or Zip and select the file from your computer, or select URL and specify the URL, if the file is online. Then, click Import.

  6. Delete the file that API Designer created by default. This file has the same name as your project.

  7. Click the Publish to Exchange icon (Publish to Exchange icon).

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