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Upload an API Specification Created Outside of API Designer

You cannot publish an API specification to Anypoint Exchange without going through API Designer. If you want to publish a specification that you have already authored outside of API Designer, you must create an API-specification project in API Designer, import your specification, and then publish to Anypoint Exchange.

Before You Begin

Within Anypoint Platform, your user ID must be assigned the Design Center Developer permission.


  1. Open Design Center from the homepage of Anypoint Platform.

  2. Create an API-specification project that you can work in.

    1. On the Projects page in Design Center, click Create and then click New API Specification.

    2. In the New API Specification dialog, name your project. You can change the name later, if you want to.

    3. Select I’m comfortable designing it on my own.

    4. In the Specification Language field, select the language in which your API specification is written.

    5. Click Create API. + Result: Design Center creates an API-specification project. In that project are two files:

      • A default, blank specification that has the same name as the project.

        You can delete this file in a later step. Currently, it is set as the root file of the project, and it is not possible to delete a file that is set as the root file.

      • A file named exchange.json that includes metadata that is required for Anypoint Exchange.

        This file is read-only.

  3. Import your API specification.

    1. Click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the text editor and select Import.

    2. In the Import dialog, select File or Zip.

    3. Browse to your file or ZIP file and select it. + Result: The file or files are listed in the left pane of the editor. If you imported a ZIP file that contains files that are in a folder structure, the folder structure is represented in the pane.

  4. Set the root file of the project by right-clicking the specification and selecting Set as root file.

  5. Delete the blank specification that API Designer created by default.

What To Do Next

Publish the API-specification project to Anypoint Exchange. See Publish an API Specification.