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Publishing Automation Assets to Anypoint Exchange

You can connect RPA Manager with your Anypoint Platform account, which enables you to publish a process automation to Exchange. Connecting RPA Manager with your Anypoint Platform account requires a Connected App with the scope RPA Integrator configured in Access Management.

To publish automation assets to Exchange:

  1. Configure a Connected App in Access Management.

  2. Connect RPA Manager with your Anypoint Platform Account.

  3. Publish a Process Automation to Anypoint Exchange.

Configure a Connected App in Access Management

To create a Connected App in your Anypoint Platform account:

  1. Log in to Anypoint Platform.

  2. Open Access Management.

  3. On the navigation panel, click Connected Apps.

  4. Click Create App.

  5. Specify a Name for the Connected App.

  6. In Type, select App acts on its own behalf(client credentials).

    The Connected App creation window

  7. Click Add Scopes.

  8. In the filter box, type RPA and select RPA Integrator among the results.

    The Scopes selection window

  9. Click Next.

  10. Select a Business Group and click Review.

  11. Click Add Scopes to confirm.

  12. Click Save.

See the Client ID and Client Secret of a Connected App

After you create a Connected App, it shows in the Connected Apps section of Access Management, where you can see the Connected App’s Client ID and Client Secret.

The Connected Apps section in Access Management

Click either Copy ID or Copy Secret to copy the corresponding value to the clipboard for further use.