Add API Alerts

To track and manage APIs, you can add one or more API alerts to your API instances. Add different types of alerts based on your requirements.

Alerts cannot be added to API instances protected by automated policies.

To add an API alert:

  1. Navigate to API Manager > API Administration and click the API instance for which you want to add an alert.

  2. From the left navigation pane, select Alerts > Add alert.

  3. Specify the alert options:

    • Name:

      Type an alert name, for example trial-alert.

    • Enabled:

      The default option is Enabled.

      You can delete an alert anytime if not required.

    • Severity:

      Select a severity for the alert, for example, Info.

    • Alert type:

      Select the type of alert to create, (for example, Request Count) and provide appropriate alert configuration values.

      In the For at least and consecutive period(s) of fields, enter a value in the range of 1 - 999999999 to specify the time interval as a sliding window.

  4. Select Create Alert.

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