Add API Alerts

To track and manage APIs, you can add one or more API alerts to your API instances. You can add different * types of alerts based on your requirements.

To add an API alert:

  1. Navigate to API Manager > API Administration and click the API instance for which you want to add an alert.

  2. From the left navigation pane, select Alerts > Add alert.

  3. Specify the alert options:

    • Name:

      Type an alert name, for example trial-alert.

    • Enabled: Accept the default option: Enabled.

      You can delete an alert anytime if not required.

    • Severity:

      Select a severity for the alert, for example, Info.

    • Alert type:

      Select the type of alert to create, (for example, Request Count) and provide appropriate alert configuration values:

In the For at least and consecutive period(s) of fields, type in a value in the range of 1 - 999999999 to specify the time intervals as a sliding window. --- . Select Create Alert.

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