Promote API Instances in API Groups

You can promote an API Group instance from one environment to another, for example, sandbox to production. When you promote an API Group instance, the source environment of the instance remains unchanged. However, the destination environment changes by creating the API Group instance that is being promoted.

The API instances of the promoted API Group instance might differ from the original group instance, but the definition (related assets) remains the same.

Task Prerequisites

Before you begin, ensure that you have:

  • Obtained the API Group Administrator permissions to be able to promote an API Group instance

  • Verify that the APIs in the API Group instance that you want to promote are already present in the destination environment

    For example, if the API Group Instance that you want to promote contains the Facebook API, the destination environment must already have the Facebook API in that environment type.

To promote an API Group instance:

  1. From the left menu in API Manager, select API Groups > Promote from environment.

  2. From the Source Environment list, select the environment of the API you want to promote.

  3. From the API Group list, select the API Group to which the API Instance belongs.

  4. From the API Group version list, select the version of the API Group to which the instance belongs.

  5. From the API Group instance list, select the API Group instance that you want to promote.

  6. Optionally, select the Import default limits from existent SLA Tiers checkbox if you want to include the SLA tiers when promoting from source to destination environment.

    Note that only the default limits of every tier is promoted.

  7. Click Promote.

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