Add SLA Tiers for Anypoint DataGraph

Add multiple SLA tiers to an Anypoint DataGraph instance to control user access and limit requests.

To add an SLA tier:

  1. In API Manager, click DataGraph Administration > SLA Tiers:

  2. From the DataGraph SLA Tiers page, click Add SLA tier:

    The illustration shows the Add SLA tier window
  3. In the # of Reqs field, add the number of requests a client can make, for example, 100.

  4. In the Time Period field, specify a timeout before a client request fails, for example, 60.

  5. In the Time Unit field, select the unit of time from the drop-down list, for example, Seconds.

  6. If you want to display the SLA tier with the contract, select Visible .

  7. If you want to create additional SLA tiers, click Add Limit.

  8. Click Add.

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