Anypoint DataGraph Administration Settings

On the DataGraph Administration settings page, you can select environments, view and edit endpoints, configure policies, and configure client providers:

The illustration shows the Anypoint DataGraph Administration page
1 Switch Environment control. Click the control to see a list of environments you have added to your organization. Select an environment to switch.
2 Consumer endpoint edit options. To edit the current endpoint, click the Edit consumer endpoint icon. To revert to the system-generated endpoint, click the Revert icon.
3 DataGraph Policies configuration options. You can choose to restrict requests to your unified schema from registered client applications only, set SLA-based rate limiting for requests, or allow requests from anyone with access to the unified schema’s endpoint.
4 DataGraph external client providers control. To see a list of external client providers previously configured by your organization administrators, click the control. Select a provider from the list. To run queries in Anypoint DataGraph, obtain proper credentials from the external client provider.

If your administrators haven’t configured any external client providers, this item is not available.

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