Revoke and Delete API Contracts

As the Organization Administrator of the master organization, you can revoke or delete a contract that is providing an application access to your API. When you revoke a contract, you can restore the contract at any time.

Deleting a contract deletes the approved contract from Anypoint Exchange. Revoking a contract blocks the client application from accessing the API. When you revoke a contract, you can either restore or delete the contract anytime. Before you delete a contract, you must first revoke it.

To delete a contract with an application:

  1. In API Manager, click API Administration.

  2. Click the name of the API instance for which you want to revoke access.

  3. Click the <api version>:<api instance or label> link, for example, v1:16046365.

  4. From the configuration page for the API instance, click Contracts from the left menu.

  5. For the application for which you want to revoke access, click Revoke.

    The Restore and Delete options appear:

    Delete API Request

  6. To delete the contract, click Delete.

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