Discover What’s Changed in a Project

You can see a history of changes you make to a project in Flow Designer. The saved states are listed by time and date of the changes.

The name of the saved state is based on the activity you performed when you saved the project.

Being able to restore a saved state of a project is useful if you want to:

  • Undo an inadvertent change you made to a project and revert to a working state.

  • Review changes made by other users on the project.

  • Retrieve previous values of connector configurations.


To revert to a previous state of your project:

  1. Click History in the upper-left of the canvas to open the Project History list on the right.

  2. Click a saved state from the list. The saved state is a read-only view of each card in the project on the canvas.

  3. Click on any card to see the details of its configuration. This can be helpful to review the values.

  4. After you select a state to revert your project to, click Restore at the top of the canvas. The conformation dialog appears.

  5. To restore to the state you selected and return to the canvas click Restore. The restored state is moved to the top of the history list.

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