Store and Reuse Values that are Based on Data within a Flow (Flow Designer)

Variables are used to store values for use within a flow of a Mule app. After you create a variable, you can use it in any subsequent cards in the flow.

There are two methods for storing values in variables.

Store All or Part of the Output of a Card in a Variable

You can use a Set Variable card to create a variable that stores or manipulates data from the output of a card. You can then reuse that data in a later card by using the variable.

Store the Entire Output of a Card in a Variable

You can store the output of a card, rather than pass the output on to the next card in a flow. Normally, a card outputs data that is different from the data that it received as input. However, when you create a target variable, the card stores its output — as is, reduced, or manipulated — into that variable and passes to the next card both the variable and the same message that it received as input.

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