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Migrating to Helm Managed Runtime Fabric

You can migrate to helm native for Runtime Fabrics that were installed using rtfctl.

Before You Begin

To perform the migration, you must consider the following:

  • The migration is applicable to BYOK clusters which are installed with rtfctl and want to migrate to helm managed.

  • The cluster must be on rtf-agent v2.2.5 or above. Note that you will first have to upgrade agent to the required version before you can initiate the migration.

Additionally, you must have these details:

  • organizationId

  • fabricId

  • Bearer token for Anypoint user account with manage fabric privileges

  • rtfctl version >= v1.0.10 is downloaded

Migrate rtfctl to Helm

To migrate your Runtime Fabric from rtfctl to helm, run this command:

rtfctl migrate previous-rtf-bkp.tar.gz --organizationId <orgId value> --fabricId <fabricId value> --token <bearer token> --host  --confirm

Running this command performs the following actions:

  • Backs up the current Runtime Fabric installation: tarball is created with input file name.

  • Uninstalls the current Runtime Fabric installation: running the command does not update Mule application deployments, it does not delete any of your configurations applied to the rtf namespace, it does not delete the rtf namespace, and it does not touch any other namespace than the rtf namespace. Uninstalls only the previous runtime-fabric helm chart.

  • Regenerates activation data for provided fabricId.

  • Deletes custom-properties secret in the rtf namespace, because helm managed rtf recreates the secret using values from the helm chart.

  • Installs Runtime Fabric with helm commands, to re-render Runtime Fabric helm chart.

Running the command does not upgrade Runtime Fabric to the version other than the existing installation version.

Command Success

If running the command is successful:

  • You can verify that Runtime Fabric is now helm managed in the Anypoint Runtime Manager UI.

  • You can verify that configurations such as ingress templates, persistence gateway, custom resources and proxy values that you applied before the migration are intact.

Command Fails

If running the command fails:

  1. Run rftctl restore command with the backup:

    rtfctl restore <path_to_backup_file>
  2. Re-try rfctl migrate command:

    rtfctl migrate previous-rtf-bkp.tar.gz --organizationId <orgId value> --fabricId <fabricId value> --token <bearer token> --host  --confirm

Command Help

To get help with the command, run the following entry:

rtfctl migrate –help