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APIkit for GraphQL

GraphQL is a data query and manipulation language that enables API consumers to ask for data that is relevant only to them. The APIkit for GraphQL module works with Anypoint Code Builder, which enables you to develop Mule applications. This module supports implementing GraphQL services, which use connectors to map GraphQL APIs to the existing backends where source data is stored.

The APIkit scaffolder enables you to quickly implement projects by generating the initial skeleton of the application at design time based on the GraphQL schema. The application design maps queries, mutations, and types in your API to the Mule flows, so you only specify how your data sources fulfill a particular data type.

At run time, the APIkit for GraphQL router analyzes the query graph and orchestrates the execution of Mule flows based on the requests. The result of each flow execution is combined to return a result that mirrors the shape of the requested query.