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APIkit for OData V2

APIkit for OData v2 is a framework that simplifies the development of RESTful APIs that adhere to the OData v2 specification. OData, also called the Open Data Protocol, enables the creation and consumption of RESTful APIs. It allows data querying and manipulation through standard HTTP requests.

APIkit for OData v2 is an extension of APIkit for REST. It builds upon the foundation of APIkit for REST and uses RAML APIs. This integration between APIkit for OData v2 and APIkit for REST combines their functionalities and benefits.

However, APIkit for OData v2 provides fewer capabilities than newer versions of OData and other frameworks. Consider these limitations when deciding whether APIkit for OData v2 is the appropriate choice for your specific use case.

While OData v2 is still widely used, OData v4 is the latest major version. It introduces several enhancements, including improved query capabilities and better alignment with other web standards.