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Shared Spaces

A shared space is an elastic cloud of resources that includes Mule instances running in a multi-tenant environment. CloudHub 2.0 provides one shared space in each supported region, to which you deploy your integration applications.

Deploying to a shared space requires no setup or maintenance of the underlying infrastructure.

You can deploy apps to the shared space in a region if:

  • You don’t require isolation from the public cloud.

  • Your apps don’t need to connect to an on-premises data center.

  • Your apps can use the domain name (rather than a vanity domain name).

  • You don’t need to configure custom certificates.

Any of the following features and functionality requires a private space:

  • Single-tenancy for your apps

  • Network connection (VPN or transit gateway attachment) to a data center

  • Vanity domain names

  • Custom certificates

  • Private endpoints

  • Static application source IP addresses

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