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Managing App Logs

Logging is available for apps deployed to both shared and private spaces.

If your organization has a Titanium subscription, you can use Anypoint Monitoring for more advanced searching and log management. For more information, see Anypoint Monitoring Overview.

Configure Logging for the App

Logging is enabled by default for apps deployed to CloudHub 2.0.

Disable or Enable Logging

To disable or reenable logging for the app:

  1. Click the Logging tab.

  2. Deselect or select the Forward application logs to Anypoint Platform option.

  3. Click Apply Changes.

If you disable logging, the Logs heading still appears in the Runtime Manager navigation menu, but application logs are not collected.

Configure Log Levels and Categories

To configure additional log levels and categories to include in logs:

  1. Click the Monitoring tab.

  2. Select the log level:

    • INFO: Informative messages

    • DEBUG: Debugging messages

    • WARNING: Warning messages

    • ERROR: Error messages, such as when an exception occurs

    • FATAL: Fatal messages for when an application fails

  3. Optionally, set the log level for specific a Java package class by selecting the log level, entering the, and pressing the Enter key.

  4. Click Apply Changes.