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Gmail Connector Reference

Gmail is a popular email service used by businesses for a large number of communication purposes. This connector enables productivity by connecting a user’s inbox to other systems like Google Sheets, Salesforce, or Slack.

Before You Begin

The Composer Gmail Connector requires third-party app access to access restricted data in Google. Before using the connector, your Google Workspace administrator must add one of the following Client IDs to the list of configured apps to create Gmail OAuth connections with Composer:

  • Production Environment United States:

  • Production Environment Europe:


To connect to a system, whether it is a source of data or the target where you are sending data, you must create a connection with that system’s required credentials. You typically connect to different systems within a flow and can reuse each connection every time you need to connect.

This system requires the following credential information for its connections:

Connection Name

Enter a connection name that will help you remember the details of this connection. You can reuse connections multiple times in a single flow, and in more than one flow, and the credentials are hidden after you create the connection. Therefore, it’s helpful to provide a name that easily identifies this connection from others.

Only you can see the connection. Other users in your Composer app must create their own connections.


The OAuth username that you use to log in to Google.


The OAuth password that you use to log in to Google.


Each flow starts with either a scheduler or a trigger. Schedulers are set to a default frequency of 15 minutes. Triggers, such as "each time a new record is created", are defined by you and provide multiple options related to the data in your system.

Triggers use a polling process to actively check for new updates from an external system. The polling frequency is 15 seconds.

This system provides the following trigger options:

On New Email

If you don’t specify a filter, this trigger fires on all emails (received, sent, or drafts). To specify a filter, the following field is required:

  • Filter Criteria

    For example, use in:inbox to limit the trigger to new messages in the inbox

Polling Frequency

For triggers in this connector, the Polling Frequency field is required. This field enables you to select how often Composer makes a request to the underling system API to look for changes to records in active flows. You can select a different polling frequency for each flow in your organization. With a shorter frequency, the flow executes more often; however, a shorter frequency consumes more API calls. For example, if you have an order management flow, you might require nearly real-time updates, which can be achieved with a 15-second polling interval (which equates to 5760 API calls per day). In contrast, if your flow updates a pricing catalog, you could poll the flow every hour (which equates to 24 API calls per day).


After you connect to a system and define the trigger or configure a scheduler, you define the actions that the flow performs. For example, you can copy a record between different systems, such as Workday and Salesforce. The actions you can perform depend on which system you are connected to.

This system provides the following actions:

Send email

Sends an email. The following fields are required:

  • To

  • Subject

  • Body

To send an email with attachments, the following additional fields are required:

  • Attachment content

  • Attachment name

Get Attachments

Retrieves all attachments from an email. Images that are attached to an email using the clip icon are considered attachments, but images that are dragged into the body of an email are considered embedded images and not attachments. The following field is required:

  • Message Id

The Google Gmail connector’s use and transfer to any other application of information received from Google APIs is subject to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Gmailâ„¢ is a trademark of Google LLC.