ServiceNow Connector Reference

ServiceNow is an IT Service Management (ITSM) system that helps IT organizations manage service requests and incidents reported by employees as well as service requests from partners, vendors, and customers.


To connect to a system, whether it is a source of data or the target where you are sending data, you must create a connection with that system’s required credentials. You typically connect to different systems within a flow and can reuse each connection every time you need to connect.

This system requires the following credential information for its connections:

Connection Name

Enter a connection name that will help you remember the details of this connection. You can reuse connections multiple times in a single flow, and in more than one flow, and the credentials are hidden after you create the connection. Therefore, it’s helpful to provide a name that easily identifies this connection from others.

Only you can see the connection. Other users in your Composer app must create their own connections.

Only users with the ServiceNow soap_admin role can create connections. For more information, see the ServiceNow help: https://community.servicenow.com/community?id=community_question&sys_id=86da8b6ddb5cdbc01dcaf3231f961958

Instance URL

The URL or ID of your ServiceNow instance.


The username that you use to log in to ServiceNow.


The password that you use to log in to ServiceNow.


Each flow starts with a scheduler that specifies a time span for how frequently the flow starts or with a trigger that you define, such as "each time a new record is created." Triggers provide multiple options related to the data in your system.

Triggers execute every ten minutes.

This system provides the following trigger options:

New or Updated Record

Checks for new or updated records in the ServiceNow record_type table. Provide a value for Table name.


After you connect to a system and define the trigger or configure a scheduler, you define the actions that the flow performs, such as copying a record from Workday to Salesforce. The actions you can perform depend on which system you are connected to.

This system provides the following actions:

Search Record

Searches for an existing record using a query string that specifies record type criteria. Provide a value for the following fields:

Create Record

Creates a new entry of the selected record type table in ServiceNow. Provide a value for Table name.

Update Record

Updates an existing entry of the selected record type table in ServiceNow. Provide a value in the following fields:

  • Table name

  • Sys ID

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