Anypoint DataGraph Hosting Options and Networking

Anypoint DataGraph supports the following Anypoint Platform hosting options and network configurations.

Anypoint Platform Control Plane Hosting Options

Anypoint DataGraph is available for US and EU clouds control plane hosting.

Anypoint Platform Runtime Plane Hosting Options

Anypoint DataGraph must connect to the destination URL you provide when adding an API to the unified schema. You don’t need to make any extra configurations on your runtime plane if you meet any of the following scenarios:

  • Your API implementations run on CloudHub.

  • Your API implementations run on standalone instances and are connected to an Anypoint Virtual Private Cloud (Anypoint VPC).

  • Your API implementations run on any runtime plane hosting option and are public.

If your API instances run on standalone instances, are not public, and are not connected to Anypoint VPC, you must first pair your standalone runtimes to Anypoint VPC. See Request Anypoint VPC Connectivity to Your Network for more information.

Anypoint DataGraph Architecture and Networking

Anypoint DataGraph is a fully managed service that runs on Anypoint Platform within the default region of your business group.

Networking diagram for Anypoint DataGraph and Anypoint Platform

Consumer requests from the public internet are routed to Anypoint DataGraph through shared or dedicated load balancers, depending on your CloudHub or Anypoint Virtual Private Cloud (Anypoint VPC) configuration. DataGraph sends requests to the underlying APIs that make up the unified schema. Similarly, when you make changes in the Anypoint DataGraph UI, those changes trigger updates of Anypoint DataGraph in the Runtime Plane.

If you’re unable to use port 8082 on a shared load balancer, you must set a new URL for Anypoint DataGraph to use on a CloudHub dedicated load balancer (DLB).

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