Troubleshoot Query Performance with Query Tracing

Query tracing in Anypoint DataGraph helps you analyze query performance by tracing every call made to the source APIs of the unified schema for a given query.

Trace results provide the following information:

Detailed view of a query trace
1 Time taken by Anypoint DataGraph to parse and validate the query
2 Total response time for the entire query
3 Errors identified during query execution
4 Lack of trace information, denoted by a fading line
5 Duration of requests to each source API in the query


You must have the Contribute or Admin permission to use query tracing.

Run a Query Trace

Query trace results are provided as soon as you run a query.

  1. Click Run a Query.

  2. Write your query.

  3. Click Trace query > Run.

    The trace query panel opens and displays results:

    Query traces enabled on a query

    You can collapse and expand the query trace panel as needed.

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