Schema Element Visibility in Anypoint DataGraph

You can hide the fields, types or query methods that you don’t want to have visible in the unified schema. The fields, types, or query methods that you hide make them unavailable for querying.

Managing the visibility of your schema elements keeps your unified schema manageable and clean. You can modify the visibility of your elements later.

In Anypoint DataGraph, the elements that you choose to hide are hidden, and the elements that you choose to unhide are visible.

By default, all nested types are hidden. If you wish to add a nested type to the unified schema, and query it, you must unhide it first.

You cannot hide a method that you configured to be a default query method, or a field that you configured as a primary key.

Manage Visibility of Schema Elements

Hiding or unhiding elements in your API schema allows you to control the granularity of information that is available in the unified schema.

In the API schema, choose the object, field, or method for which you want to manage visibility, and click the Hidden/Visible toggle.

You must hide or unhide elements before adding them to the unified schema.

Setting order item summary visibility desired state to Visible

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