View Usage Metrics for Anypoint Datagraph

Anypoint DataGraph enables you to track metrics so you’re always aware of your usage relative to the limits specified for your business groups. Use these metrics to track the total number of downstream API calls made for each of the environments in which you’ve deployed a unified schema.

Refer to the DataGraph Overview for a full list of restrictions and limitations.

Usage metrics are separated by Production and Sandbox environments per business group. More specifically, the metrics in any given environment show:

  • API requests received for that environment

  • API requests received for other environments of that type

  • API requests received for all environments of that type

View API Request Metrics

API request usage metrics are available in the Overview section of Anypoint DataGraph.

To view usage metrics, you need the Admin permission.

  1. Click Overview.

  2. Click Details and confirm you’re in the correct environment.

  3. Click Usage Metrics.

    DataGraph usage metrics are shown in the Overview section
  4. To see metrics for a specific time period, set the calendar parameters. The metrics query runs automatically and updates the data.

  5. To refresh the metrics for the current time period, click the refresh icon.

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