Retrieve a Copy of the Unified Schema

You can download a copy of the unified schema from the query editor or by using a third-party API client.

The schema is downloaded as a .graphl file.

Download the Unified Schema from the Query Editor

To download the schema from the query editor, you need the consumer, contributor, or admin permission.

  1. Click Run a Query.

  2. Click Download Schema.

Retrieve the Unified Schema Using an API Client

To retrieve a copy of the unified schema, you need the following:

  • The graph endpoint of your unified schema, which you can obtain from the homepage of Anypoint DataGraph.

  • The client_id and client_secret values you use to query the unified schema, which you can obtain from the Client Applications page in API Manager.

In the API client of your choice, run a GET request with the following information:

  • The graph endpoint of the unified schema appended with /schema

  • Your client_id and client_secret headers

For example:

curl https://<GRAPH_ENDPOINT>/schema \
-H 'client_id: <YOUR_CLIENT_ID>' \
-H 'client_secret: <YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET>'

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