Troubleshoot Anypoint DataGraph Runtime Errors

If you encounter runtime errors when attempting to use the Anypoint DataGraph query editor, troubleshoot them as follows.

Failed to Fetch Schema Error

A failed to fetch schema error occurs when you navigate to the Anypoint DataGraph query editor and it displays the following:

  "message": "Failed to fetch",
  "stack": "TypeError: Failed to fetch"

Anypoint DataGraph generates this error when it cannot load the unified schema, and it occurs for one of three reasons:

  1. Youโ€™re unable to use Port 8082 on a shared load balancer.

    Solution: Create a dedicated load balancer (DLB) and set its URL to configure Anypoint DataGraph to route requests through the DLB.

  2. You’ve set a DLB using an invalid certficate.

    Solution: Ensure that your DLB has a valid, CA-signed certificate, or the browser won’t connect to Anypoint DataGraph.

  3. Your internet browser is unable to access Anypoint Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

    Solution: Ensure that you can connect to Anypoint VPC from your internet browser. Refer to Anypoint DataGraph Architecture and Networking for an overview of Anypoint DataGraph networking.

Exception While Fetching Data Error

After you run a query, Anypoint DataGraph displays an error similar to the following:

  "errors" : [
      "message" : "Exception while fetching data (/customersById) : Error executing request. URL: Message: Connection refused (Connection refused)",
      "locations" : [
          "line" : 2,
          "column" : 5
      "path" : [
      "extensions" : {
        "classification" : "DataFetchingException"
  "data" : {
    "customersById" : null

An exception while fetching data error occurs when the unified schema can’t connect to its underlying APIs.

To troubleshoot this error, ensure that:

  1. The underlying APIs are running.

  2. The URL provided for each APIs is correct. Go to List of APIs added > Select an API > API details, and confirm the URL.

  3. You request connection for any of your APIs that run on standalone instances that arenโ€™t connected to Anypoint VPC.

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