Potential Errors When Generating an API Schema

When you add a new API to your unified schema, Anypoint DataGraph generates an API schema for it. However, not all features of an API specification are successfully generated into an API schema.

Anypoint DataGraph does not translate the following parts of an API specification into an API schema:

  • Non-GET operations

  • Requests with a Media type value other than application/json

  • Responses with a Media type value other than application/json

  • Response payloads with any of the unsupported types Schema, File, Tuple, Matrix, Nil, or arrays of any of these types

  • uri params, query params, and headers with types other than scalars or scalar array

  • Endpoints of required params of unsupported types

  • union types with members other than objects and nils

  • JSON schema keywords if, then, and else

If your API specification is composed of only unsupported parts, Anypoint DataGraph does not generate an API schema and throws a Validation failed error.

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