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Dashboards in Anypoint Monitoring provide visibility into Mule apps and APIs that are deployed to your environments (for example, Production, Sandbox, or Design).

Built-In Dashboards

Built-in dashboards contain graphs that plot current and historical data collected over a given time and date period. There is a built-in dashboard for each Mule application and API in each environment.

Built-in Dashboard Example
Figure 1. Example: Built-in Dashboard for a Mule Application

Custom Dashboards

Custom dashboards in Anypoint Monitoring can bring together important metrics and data points that you need to see on one screen. You can specify the resources and metrics that you want to monitor, allowing you to:

  • Correlate diverse metrics

  • Perform comparative analysis

  • Differentiate between regular trends and anomalies

  • Isolate issues quickly

For example, you can compare live data with historic data to detect anomalies and expedite the troubleshooting process.