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Raw Data in Anypoint Monitoring

You can use Anypoint Monitoring to download archived log data (raw data) collected on Mule apps that are running in hybrid, CloudHub, or Runtime Fabric deployments. This data is helpful for security, compliance, or other purposes where you need to examine or collect your warehoused data.

Log data is archived regularly.

To download raw data:

  1. Select the Environment and Resource.

    The resource is a Mule app that runs in CloudHub, hybrid, Runtime Fabric deployments.

  2. Provide the date for the data you want to download, for example: 08/31/2018.

  3. Locate and download log data that you want to examine.

If data is not available for a particular date, it might be that the app was not running that day, your company did not have a subscription to the logging or archiving service, or the app did not exist at that time.