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To Map Users to Roles in an LDAP Group

You can map users in a federated organization’s LDAP group to an Anypoint role. Your Anypoint Platform organization needs to use an external identity provider, such as PingFederate.

After you perform this mapping, users in an organization can sign into Anypoint Platform using the same organizational credentials and access permissions that an organization maintains using LDAP.
This ensures security of credentials and maintains organizational roles for accessing privileged information.

Choose an external identity provider and then configure roles.

To configure a role:

  1. In Anypoint Platform, click Roles. Click Add Role to create a role for each group of users in your organization.

    external identity 34af9
  2. Specify a role name and description. Click Add Role to add the role:

    external identity c731b
  3. In Roles, click the name of the new role:

    external identity 35f9a
  4. Click Set external group mapping:

    external identity 251b8
  5. Copy the string from your SAML assertion AttributeValue to the External Group Name, for example:

    SAML AttributeValue:

    <saml:AttributeValue xmlns:xsi=""


    external identity cfb1e
  6. Click Set names.

    1. To map more than one attribute name to the selected role, click Add More and add another attribute.

  7. Repeat this process for each role that you want to map to an external group.

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