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Governing API Instances

API Manager is closely integrated with Anypoint API Governance. API Governance helps you ensure that every instance of a governed API conforms to standards, such as which policies are applied or whether a TLS context is required.

To govern an API instance:

Apply a Governance Ruleset

To govern API instances, you must apply a governance ruleset to your desired API. To apply a governance ruleset, see Applying Rulesets to Identified APIs.

To create custom rulesets that enforce your own API management standards, see Creating Custom Governance Rulesets.

View and Fix Instance Conformance Issues in API Manager

To view the conformance status of an API instance:

  1. Navigate to Anypoint Platform > API Manager.

  2. Click the name of the API instance for which you want to view the conformance status.

    Instance Conformance appears in the API Summary pane.

  3. If the instance is not conformant, select the Governance Report page to view nonconformance details for each ruleset.

  4. Click View details for each ruleset for more information about the conformance issues.