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Promoting an API Instance to Another Environment

Before promoting an API instance to another environment, ensure that you have the Manage APIs Configuration permission.

You can only promote an entity, such as policies or alerts, if you have both the permissions to view the entity and to manage its destination. For example, you must have the View Policies and Manage Policies permissions to promote a policy.

To promote an API instance:

Promote an API Instance from Another Environment

  1. Navigate to Anypoint Platform > API Manager.

  2. In API Administration, click Add API and select Promote API from environment.

  3. Select the Source Environment.

  4. Select the API by entering the name of the API into the search field.

  5. Select the API Version.

  6. Select the API instance label.

  7. Optionally, uncheck any of the Include in Promotion options you want to exclude.

  8. Click Promote.

  9. Review and update the Runtime & Endpoint Configuration details as needed and click Save.

Promoting an API instance affects only the API definition, not the existing deployed applications subscribed to the instance. After promoting an API, the API Label remains the same, but the API Instance ID changes.

For existing applications that must subscribe to a promoted API instance:

  1. Update the API Instance ID within the application.

  2. Because each environment has a different client ID and secret, update the application’s client ID and secret.