To Set Up Secure Connections over TLS

To provide secure connections over protocols such as IMAPS, POP3S, SMTPS, HTTPS, and others, you need to configure Transport Layer Security (TLS) as part of your overall configuration for them.

  1. Use the TLS configuration area for an operation that uses a secure protocol, such as SMTPS. + For example, for the Email operation (such as Send) in Design Center, you can click Set Up at the top of an email operation. (In Anypoint Studio, you can add () an Extension configuration as you provide a general configuration for the operation, or you can use the Connections Explorer to add () add the configuration.)

  2. Select a connection type (or provider) that uses TLS, such as SMTPS for the Email connector.

  3. Look for the TLS Configuration option.

  4. Select or add (+) a TLS configuration.

  5. Provide or edit the values for all required fields.

TLS Configuration

  • Enabled Protocols, for example, TLSv1.2,SSLv3


  • Trust Store settings (used for certificates that are trusted by the client):

    • Path, for example, /path/to/my.jks

    • Password, for example, somepassword

    • Type (one of these):

      • jks (for Java Key Store)

      • jceks (for Java Cryptography Extension Key Store)

      • pkcs12 (a Public-Key Cryptography Standards format for cryptography objects)

    • Algorithm, for example, RSA

    • Insecure — See Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE) Reference Guide

  • Key Store settings (used for the private key and associated certificate or chain of certificates):

    • Path

    • Type

      • Alias, for example, client

      • Key Password

      • Key

      • Algorithm

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